The Ghosts of Halloween Past

I thought it would be fun to find the pictures of all of the kids’ past Halloweens, and I decided to share them with you too!  I’ll work my way backwards from last year.  Sorry that the quality is terrible in some pictures!

2015: Ariel and Sebastian.  Fortunately, Sienna already had the Ariel dress and wanted to use that.  We bought the wig at Target.  I made Henry’s costume out of felt and cardboard using a glue gun.


Harry Potter!  Charlie wore clothes he already had under a robe I made out of cheap black fabric.  Sienna had the Hogwarts pin from a Harry Potter birthday party she attended, we borrowed the wand from a friend (it’s a Great Wolf Lodge wand!) and I bought the glasses on Amazon.  The actual Harry Potter glasses were pretty expensive, so I ended up ordering these that are supposed to be for a Santa costume for a few dollars!  (And free shipping – don’t you love Amazon Prime?)


There was also a little Captain Hook wandering around the house around Halloween!


2014: Our first NC Halloween!  We had Elsa, Captain Hook, and Peter Pan.  Sienna wore a dress she already had been given as a birthday gift, and we added on a dollar store crown.  Charlie had a vest I made by cutting up an old t-shirt and hot gluing ribbon onto it.  I made the little cuffs with felt and lace, and his hat was from the Target party favor aisle – I just hot glued strips of black fabric scraps to look like hair!  He already had the hook!  I sewed Henry’s little Peter Pan shirt and hat.  We reused the belt and dagger I had made when Charlie was Peter Pan as a toddler.


David and I were supposed to be Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games, but you can’t really tell we are dressed up at all!


2013: I barely took any pictures this year!  Sienna was Princess Leia, Charlie was Darth Vader, and Henry was Yoda.  I have this picture from Sienna’s costume parade at school.  She just wore a bathrobe and we put her hair in buns.


I don’t have ANY pictures of Charlie from Halloween – I don’t know how! I found this from Star Wars day at our library in New York, and he was wearing the same shirt and dollar store cape.  He also had a Darth Vader mask on Halloween that had been a birthday present.  By the way, he was thrilled to meet Darth Vader at our library that day!  There were also storm troopers there and they were all appropriately menacing!

I had to take a photo of this photo from a book my Mom made for Henry’s first birthday.  Somehow she got this picture but I can’t find it!  We borrowed a Yoda hat from a friend for Henry’s “costume.”


2012: Rapunzel and Buzz Lightyear.  Everything was store bought except Sienna’s braid, which I made out of yarn.  We actually just gave these away when we purged a bunch of toys.  They used them for dress up for a looooong time.  The braid went to my friend’s little four year old girl, and I love it when we go to their house and she’s wearing it!

2011: Beauty and the Beast.  Sienna’s costume this year was hands down my favorite ever, because it was a labor of love!  It might be my favorite sewing project that I’ve ever done!  This was another costume Sienna used for dress up for years.


“The Beast,” who everyone (understandably) thought was a dog.  I just sewed furry fabric on an old sweatshirt and made little furry shoe and hand covers.



They reused their costumes from 2010 for a pumpkin painting party at a friend’s house.  I just love these frosting covered faces!



2010: Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.  I made Charlie’s hat, shirt, belt, and dagger.  Sienna’s dress was store bought, I made the tutu skirt, and I made the wings out of a clothes hanger and tights.



2009:Sienna was Tigger!  This costume was a hand me down from a friend.  It’s strange to remember the days when we just had Sienna!


fall-2009-jan-2010-0082008: I have no memory of what we did and no pictures! #ilostmorebraincellswitheachbaby  So here’s a (few) pictures from around Halloween that year!



2007: Sienna’s first Halloween!  She was a cow, in a borrowed costume.  Her cousin was a little chick.



I hope you enjoyed taking that little walk down memory lane with me!  I love looking back at older pictures of the kids and seeing how they’ve grown.  Another thing that this post makes me think is that I need to get back into sewing and crafting.  I used to do a lot more of it when the kids were little (and when there were less of them!)  Any good sewing/crafting project recommendations?

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A Handmade Gift for a “Tote”-ally Awesome Teacher!

DIY End of Year Teacher Tote

I have always wanted to make an end of year teacher gift but have been too busy or last minute and just contributed to the class gift instead.  Well this year when I heard that Sienna’s class would not be doing a collective group present, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to DIY a gift!  I scrolled through Google Images for fun ideas and decided upon this tote bag tutorial from Skip to My Lou.  It was cute and simple, plus I could use a cheesy pun on the gift tag!  If you’re looking for a quick sewing project, this one is just right.  You need to be able to sew straight lines – that’s it.  The only changes I made were to iron some medium weight interfacing onto the wrong sides of the floral fabric before starting any sewing, and backstitch over the handles as I was sewing the layers together.  This gives the bag more body and makes it a little sturdier so it can handle a bit more weight.


I love using a different fun fabric for the lining.  And this bag is made to be reversible, if her teacher ever wants to switch things up!

This bag would be perfect for carrying books…


Her day to day essentials…


Or any baby necessities (she has an adorable one year old!)

IMG_2005Sienna wanted to give one of her stuffed animals to her teacher’s daughter (so sweet!) and we also tucked a little Target gift card in there.  Because every teacher wants a gift card to Target!!


Just don’t forget your cheesy pun-tastic gift tag!!


This bag is a quick and thoughtful DIY teacher’s gift, but it would also make a great present for a friend.  Tuck a few of her favorite things inside and I’m sure she will love it.  You could use leftover “what do I do with this” fabric to make some reusable shopping bags.  A sturdier, woven fabric would make a great library bag.  Or use some cute fabric and sew up a new bag for yourself – just for fun!

Let me know if you make one yourself, or what you did for end of year teacher gifts!


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