ENGLAND: Day 5 – A Relaxing Day in Bristol

After arriving in Bristol on Saturday, we had a few days to unwind and relax a little bit, as we would not be traveling to London until Wednesday. So on Sunday we went to my sister-in-law Ruth’s house, where the boys were able to try on their wedding suits for the first time!  Charlie sped in and out of his so that he could get back to playing with his cousins, but I was able to snap a couple shots of Henry looking very handsome, if I do say so myself.  🙂  I love the poses and faces!



The kids did what they do best and soaked up all the time playing together. We headed out to a local park for a little bit in the afternoon.  I loved playing with my youngest nephew, Peter, especially since I hadn’t seen him since he was 11 months old!  It was so great to sit and talk with Ruth and my mother-in-law too.  That was our playtime.  🙂







In my opinion, you are never to old for a see-saw.  Or swings.  Or basically any part of the playground.  Can’t there be such a thing as a grown-up jungle gym?





Later that afternoon, David’s grandma came over and we got to spend some time with her.  She was one of our family members that we had not seen for four years, so it was a very happy reunion.  It was so sweet to see her meet Henry for the first time.  Ruth, Andrew, and our nephews also came over and David’s mom made a delicious dinner for us all!



I love this goofy boy!


My mother-in-law has a reputation for being a brilliant baker and cook, and she is not only talented but loves to serve her family by making meals special (and extremely delicious!) For special occasions such as having all of her grandchildren together, she can really outdo herself.  In addition to a mouth-watering beef stew, she made this dessert below (I think called an Alaskan roll) that is ice cream and jam wrapped inside a layer of sponge cake.  What?! I know, right?


The piece de resistance in my opinion, however, was the squidgy chocolate pudding.  Don’t lick your screen!


I have since tried to follow the recipe, even borrowing my English friend’s old-school baking scales (thank you, Judith!!), but alas, it was not as good.  Still yummy, but definitely not the same.  This is not the first time that has happened, either!  Perhaps it is related to the ability of the individual bakers?  Next time we go back, I know I’m going to request the squidgy chocolate pudding again!!

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