You Make Me Brave

You make me braveYou make me braveYou call me out beyond the shore into the waves

I have listened to this song by Bethel Music at least half a dozen times today.  I love the repetition of the words, “You make me brave.”  When I think of bravery, it immediately brings to mind images of soldiers or firefighters displaying acts of heroism.  Although these are without a doubt examples of true bravery, I think we can forget how we need to be brave in so many other ways.  Brave enough to correct our children, even if we know it will upset them.  Brave enough to share our feelings with our husbands on something we know they won’t like hearing.  Brave enough to ask that acquaintance to meet up for coffee, even though she seems much cooler than we feel.  Brave enough to invite friends over even though their houses are cleaner/more well decorated/more organized than ours.  This week, I’ve been facing the need to be brave despite circumstances around me that are out of my control.  I need to be brave enough to let go of the worry and anxiety they are causing me and to trust God with them.  Can anyone else identify with this quiet sort of bravery?

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